Trading hours the broker Anyoption

Trading hours the broker Anyoption

board-862112_960_720For any trader who wants to trade in → broker Anyoption binary options, it is of course important when exactly he can do this. The trading hours are generally divided into two parts at Anyoption:

On the one hand can be traded with the classic call or put options and most other trade types on the platform of Anyoption every working day, is open on which the relevant Exchange for the selected underlying. But of course, assumes that the price of the respective Underlying on Informationsdienst Reuters is provided.

In German values from the stock index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the case known, 9:00 to 17:30 on trading days. The same trading hours apply to trading on the London Stock Exchange, but the time difference makes the UK that the London Stock Exchange an hour later opens or closes, the trading values of the FTSE is therefore basically to 18:30 CET possible.

Exchanges from overseas almost provide 24-hour trading

However, since there are also outside the European region stock indexes and at Anyoption e.g. the stock exchanges in New York or OnlineScam Tokyo can be traded just as extensive, is a binary options trading almost around the clock, due to the time difference, it is possible.

The large range of available base values of numerous exchanges from Europe and overseas ensure the broker Anyoption for the possibility of almost around the clock with binary options to trade. And even seven days a week! So Anyoption offers a total of its traders a trading almost around the clock, and the seven days every week! Why seven days a week, the stock exchanges have weekend finally closed?

Made possible by the touch trading!

This is made possible by the touch trading! Here, the options are traded not only over very short maturities, but it will create long-term predictions about whether a price reaches a price threshold. Therefore, these can be positioned with the broker Anyoption including weekends.Recommended however, such a one-touch option is only for traders who already have experience and a solid strategy, since they are quite speculative. Short trend sweeping are not considered, it is more the development of the course as a whole over several days.

A free demo account provides the Broker Optionbit for beginners on his web site, various training videos, with which trade can be learned with binary options and training.

Opportunity to test his trading skill

The opportunity to test his trading skill for free without initial payment, is extremely rare in the industry. Most providers require at least a first investment before one may also act on its platform. In OptionBit one can equal place the first options, without incurring any obligations or advance these money. Especially at the beginning of a merchant career, it is highly recommended to collect this risk-free type of trading experience before risking his own capital.

Who has signed up, is contacted and agreed on the establishment of a test account of his personal account manager – before a real Euro has flowed. Who gets a response from the Broker immediately, which can also easily contact customer support, this can be reached through email, telephone or live chat. It is important to specify the correct mail address to which you have your account registered because it is also the user name.